Thursday, September 20, 2018

Learning at school

Some of our children arrive early at school and they get stuck into learning of all sorts. It might be getting organised for the day, having a go at some maths or building a house complete with track and jumps. Hayden and Indie got in some maths practice on the big whiteboard and Jack and George took advantage of the outdoor space to work collaboratively on an architectural masterpiece. The children in The Woodlands show a love for learning that is amazing. You are Ruahine Rockers!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kapa Haka Festival 2018

On Friday Ruahine School's Kapa Haka performed at the Tamaki Nui a Rua Kapa Haka Festival.  The group was made up of over 2 thirds of our school, with a huge number of Pounamu Team.  We were sensational!  Every single child was respectful, oozed pride and mana and everyone had a great day! 

It was so nice to take such an awesome bunch of ROCKERS to this festival to share our talents with the wider community!  Well Done to Mrs Gibbs and Miss Bourke for all their hard work and expertise!  You both ROCK!

Monday, September 3, 2018

WALT: Be Open to Learning!

Today Grayson and Ethan found a book full of step by step creations.  They decided they wanted to make a snake.  Together they read the instructions, collected all the things that they needed and set off to work.  Every spare minute of their day was spent doing this and the conversations between each of the boys was fantastic!  After school while waiting for the bus they continued to create a habitat for their snakes.  When I asked what they were doing Ethan said "We are just doing some maths and reading".  Yes they were!!  They were reading instructions, measuring length and width, using doubles, adding and comparing size - just to name a few.

Well Done Boys - I loved seeing your Open to Learning attitude today and you were awesome at collaborating!

I wonder if you could try something like this?

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Room 8 Daffodil Day

Thanks to the generosity of all our students, the people at the Cancer Society have received some extra money to support cancer patients. You looked amazing Room 8.

Building a track together

Friday morning wasn't a great day outside but inside children were playing creatively. I was delighted to see and hear how the track was designed, tested and modified collaboratively using a range of materials. Well done done, Jack, Mason and Vince.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Daffodil Day 2018

Ruahine School had an amazing mufti day today to raise money for the Cancer Society.  The school was full with bright, colourful outfits!  Altogether we raised $195. 

Here is Room 5 placing their gold coins on the daffodil on the court. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Fantastic Friday Maths and Te Reo in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been busy learning the order of the months of the year.  Today Mrs C thought it would be a real challenge to order the months using the Maori names and then identify the seasons.  We also asked each other when our birthdays were. 

This was such a fantastic activity because we had to use lots of prior knowledge to help us and we had to be very collaborative in our groups to get it completed. 

Well Done Room 5 - you guys truly ROCK!