Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fantastic Kiwi Descriptions!

Room 5 have been working on describing a brown kiwi.  We talked about 3 parts - its looks, what it eats and where it lives.  We have to make sure we used different sentence starters, interesting words and compound sentences. 

Check out these amazing stories - you will learn lots!

The brown kiwi eats squiggly worms.  Also it has a long beak because it tries to get some worms from the ground.  It has got soft feathers. Did you know that the kiwi eat delicious worms. The kiwis habitat is a small burrow and the kiwi lives on the forest floor.  They love hunting for their habitats.

By Kyan

The kiwi has small claws at the end of its feet.  It has some long whiskers next to its beak. It has a long beak.  They have feathers and their feathers are brown. The kiwi eats worms and snails.  The kiwi lives in a burrow in the forest. The burrow is made of wood because the predators might eat the kiwi.

By Lucas

The brown kiwi have very sharp claws and at the end of its beak are nostrils for smelling its prey.  It eats spiders because that is its prey. It also eats insects. It lives in a pipe and a burrow. There is a pipe and it goes into the burrow.  When it comes out of the borrow a predator might be hiding behind a tree.

By Blake

The beautiful brown kiwi has long then scaly feet and long sharp claws.  Did you know a kiwi has soft, fluffy feathers like a blanket? Also they have whiskers that look like cats whiskers.  They are small but they are also very cute.

Do you know the brown kiwi digs their beak into the forest floor for floppy grubs and bugs?  They eat scrumptious snails and slugs and they eat juicy worms too.

The soft fluffy kiwi lives on the forest floor in a burrow or a nest.  The nest is made out of leaves and sticks. It is bad for the brown kiwi because the predators, which are cats and dogs, could eat them.

I love kiwis! By Isla

A kiwi lives at Mount Bruce.  They live in a burrow or a house.  Kiwis eat slugs and snails. Sometimes kiwi eat beetles too.  

By Jayden

The beautiful brown kiwi has long, thin scaly legs.  Also it is fat and fluffy. It has a thick beak that is yellow and white and it has whiskers that are like cats whiskers.  It is cute and cuddly. Did you know it has little black eyes?

The brown kiwi eat scrumptious, sloppy slugs and snails.  They dig their sharp beaks into the forest floor and get the creepy crawlies and grubs to eat.  

A kiwis habitat is a burrow and a nest.  Did you know kiwi burrow in the forest floor?  They camouflage to hide from predators likes stoats and cats.

By Charlie

The kiwi has small claws and small whiskers and brown feathers.  Kiwi are nocturnal. Kiwi like to eat spiders and juicy worms. Kiwis live in zoos and burrows but they have to be quiet because predators will eat them.  

By Ruby F

The tiny brown kiwi has thin white whiskers beside its beak and at the end of its long beak is two tiny nostrils.  Brown kiwi use their tiny nostrils to hunt their prey and to find their food. Kiwis are sometimes hard to find and they might camouflage because they can hide in the forest floor.  

They tiny brown kiwi likes to eat yummy grubs and spiders.  Brown kiwi like to eat little, tiny, delicious bugs and snails.  

A kiwi can live on the forest floor, it doesn’t matter what kind it is.  Kiwis also live underground or in a burrow or a nest. Kiwis can live in dark places too.

By Peyton

Do you think the brown kiwi has wings?  We it does! They are very, very small. They have sharp claws and scaly feet.  They have thin, long beaks with nostrils on the end. This helps them to smell in the ground.  I think they are beautiful.

The beautiful brown kiwi loves to eat yucky slugs and slippery snails.  Kiwis love to eat insects and mainly everything that is gross and small.  

Can you guess where a kiwis habitat is?  It can be a tiny burrow or a little cute nest.  You are very, very likely to find them on the ground which is called the forest floor.  The little cute kiwi is in danger on the ground because the other mean predators eat them.  Luckily the kiwi can camouflage.

By Ruby L

The beautiful brown kiwi has small black eyes.  Also it has little feathers. It has long whiskers and it has very small claws.  

Did you know that kiwi eat delicious, fat worms, snails and beetles?  

A kiwis habitat is on the ground or in a burrow.  A small, little brown kiwi lives on the forest floor because it has to eat all of the worms.  It must be careful because there is predators lurking around wanting to eat them.

By Ethan

The beautiful kiwi has a long, thin beak with nostrils at the end.  It has dark eyes and it is fluffy like a cute kitten with soft fur. The brown kiwi have sharp claws like T-Rex teeth and scaly feet.

Did you know the kiwi eats scrumptious, slimy grubs and juicy snails and bugs?  It also eats fat worms and spiders that are big. They find them on the forest floor.  

Guess where kiwis live?  Kiwis live on the forest floor.  You might have seen one before. I have!  It also lives in burrows and in holes under trees.  But it has to be dark because they are nocturnal.

By Will

The brown kiwi is fluffy.  A cute kiwi has a long beak. I saw a white kiwi at Mount Bruce.  The kiwi smells his prey. The kiwi lives in a nest made out of sticks.

By Maddi

The beautiful brown kiwi has long, thin, scaly legs and at the end of its feet are very sharp claws.  The kiwi is very soft and fluffy.

The spectacular kiwi eats worms, slugs and snails but they don’t eat people.  

The kiwi live in a nest so the predators don’t get them.  The nest is on the forest floor and it is made of sticks and leaves.  

By Georgia

The fluffy, soft sharp beaked kiwi looks like a brown chicken.  A kiwi is just like a Ruru but it can’t fly.

The kiwi eats bugs.  A beautiful kiwi eats worms and spiders also.  

Did you know a kiwi lives on the forest floor?

By Lilly

The brown kiwi has feathers all around their body and it has a very long skinny beak.  It has nostrils at the end of their beak.

The kiwi eats worms and little insects.  It digs its beak into the forest floor and gobbles them all up.  Also there might be snails on the forest floor for them to eat.

A kiwi might live in a burrow or it might live in a nest.  Kiwis have to be very careful because predators will eat them.  

By Tahlia

Today I am going to write about a brown kiwi.  The brown kiwi looks pretty. They have skinny, scally feet.  It has tiny little eyes and the colour of their eyes are brown and black.  The brown kiwis beak is very long and at the end of its beak are nostrils. The nostrils are for the kiwi to smell worms and snails.  

Did you know that brown kiwis eat juicy, yummy worms and delicious snails.  But I do not like worms or snails. Yuck! Do you like worms and snails?

If you are wondering where kiwis live then you are in luck! Some kiwis can live in burrows and they live on the forest floor.  Would you like to live on the forest floor? I would not! I don’t think it is safe for a kiwi because the predators might eat them!

By Bella

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